Apps Manager has introduced a very impactful solution startX for all freshers publishers who want to start the journey in mobile ads industry. startX is fuel for all fresher who want to fly not walk.

It's Time To Earn

startX ??

It's Time To Earn

startX ??

startX is a solution for those who want to start, but don't know where to start. startX provides stretagy & A to Z knowledge regarding the mobile ads industry, especially for android apps. The advertising business is wide and many people are interested to inter into it but there is no expert support available that may lead in the right direction to start, scale & earn.

  • Try before you buy.

  • Low price high quality.

  • Solution you never think.

  • Grab system now, scale your business.

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Apps & Ads Industry Will Never End

Your Problems

  • Want to start but don't know where to start
  • Office setup & team before earnings
  • Managing multiple tasks by yourself
  • Multiple policy violation & face ads problems
  • Lack of technical knowledge in IT field
  • Low ad revenue and growth
  • No experience in mobile ads industry
  • No support from industry experts

Our Solutions

  • Design solution by an industry expert - apply it & start it.
  • First earn model - no team required at the first stage.
  • 360 solution for manage all at single dashboard.
  • Policy compliance ads stretagy to earn with stability.
  • Without the technical background you can start.
  • Customized adsSDK is very useful for all beginners.
  • The Ads industry is vast but Apps Manager is more than it.
  • Dedicated support manager to start without any hassle.
Chance To Earn More

Chance To Earn More

Zero to hero mentorship for freshers
No experience required to start
Onetime expense - lifetime earnings
One stop solution of ads industry
Ready apps, publish & earn from it
Dedicated expert support available
Start Earning Today

Start Earning Today

20 Applications

Ready to publish 20 latest android app source codes with ads integration.

Custom Ad Free lifetime

startX provides ASO training to get more downloads & ranking of the app.

Ads Integrations Google, Facebook and Others advertisement
Google Ads

Training of paid marketing via google ads to get more downloads.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
Admob & FAU

Deep knowledge of how to open, maintain and work with various monetization networks.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
Ads Strategy

How to integrate ads and deep knowledge of placement to get more revenue.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
UI & UX Suggestion

20 Apps ready-made store listing designs. Design trends of snap, banner & icons.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
AdX Suggestion

A Suggestion of trusted and reliable AdX to generate more revenue.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
Google Play Console

How to upload an app and knowledge of maintaining the google play console.

App wise or Group wise Push notification
Free Downloads

Tools & strategy to get maximum free downloads of your apps constantly.

Multiple User manage & permission
Revenue Giver Apps

Analyze & find most revenue generated apps & category using various tools & methods.

Version Update Dialog
Various Play Policy

Deep knowledge of various play policy to keep your console account safe.

Performance Measure
Monetization Policy

Policy to keep in mind before starting monetization to safe your earnings.

Version Update Dialog
Keyword Tools

Some most effective keyword finding tools to boost your app quickly.

Performance Measure

Analysis of an app is very necessary part in mobile advertising industry.

Version Update Dialog

How to maintain & increase impression, eCPM and app CTR techniques.

Performance Measure

Key step of how increase maximum retention of app for long term.

Easy To Onboard

Easy To Onboard

App & Ads Industry Will Never End



App & Ads Industry Will Never End


Start & Scale your mobile ads revenue now with 100% effective solution.

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As Per Different Needs

For You...!!

As Per Different Needs

For You!

StartX is designed specifically for app monetization beginners and freshers, offering a simplified process to convert their apps into revenue-generating sources. Read More

You save ₹ 30,000
34% OFF

Silver Package

Initial Package of Solution,
PublishX Worth ₹ 15,000 (₹ 22,000)
StartX Worth ₹ 42,000 (₹ 65,000)
3 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
5 Apps Source Code (Without Ad Integration)
Basic Google Play Console
Learn Admob & Facebook
Basic ASO
2 Keyword Tools
UI & UX Suggestion (No Assets Designing)
10 Days Standard Support
You save ₹ 70,500
50% OFF

Gold Package

Everything of Silver Package Plus,
Apps Manager ₹ 18,000 (₹ 42,500)
StartX Package ₹ 51,000 (₹ 97,000)
6 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
10 Apps Source Code (With Ads Integration)
AdX Suggestion
Advanced Keyword Tools
Advanced ASO
How to Analysis Market
How to Manage eCPM & CTR
Techniques of Free Download
Increase User Engagement
5 Keyword Tools
Unique Assets Designing (10 Apps)
20 Days Advanced Support
You save ₹ 1,35,000
50% OFF

Platinum Package

Everything of Gold Package Plus,
PublishX Worth ₹ 47,000 (₹ 1,23,000)
StartX Worth ₹ 86,000 (₹ 1,45,000)
14 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
15 Apps Source Code (With Ads Integration)
Advanced Ads Strategy
Paid Marketing (Google Ads)
32 Hidden Boost Strategy
Ads Revenue Giver Apps
Advanced Play Policy
Advance Monetization Policy
30 Days Premium Support

PublishX is specially for experienced publishers with a strong understanding of app monetization. Read More


Startup Business

Platform (Android)
Manage upto 49 Apps
Monetize Platform (Two)
Web Application Only
Splash Ad (App Open)
1 Ad ID Manage
1 Ad Click Counter
Push Notification
Manage Splash Exit Cross Apps
Manage JKS, Source Code & Design
Sandard Security (Email & Password)
Free 1 Month Standard Bug Support

Growing Business

Startup Business Features
Manage upto 120 Apps
Platform (Android)
Monetize Platform (Three)
Splash Ad (App Open, Inter)
Dynamic Extra Parameter
2 Ad ID Manage
2 Ad Click Counter
Activity History
Load Ad ID Type (Random, Fix)
Web Application + Android (Informative)
Auto Publish, Update & Suspend Notification
Standard Security (Email & Password, IP Verification, Auto Block Unathorized Attempt)
Free 2 Month Advance Bug Support

Premium Business

Growing Business Features
Manage Unlimited Apps
Platform (Android, iOS or Flutter)
Monetize Platform (Unlimited)
Manage Custom Ad
Ads Analytics
Control Full Ad Remotely
Ad Format Wise Sequence
Pending Redirect Notifications
Multiuser Permission
Dynamic JSON Box
Web Application + Android + iOS (Informative)
App Wise Revenue & Expenses (Manual)
Advance Security (Standard Security + Google Authentication + Safeguard ID)
Free Minor Updates
Free 3 Month Premium Bug & Technical Support

Let us help you select the best plan for you

Still Confused.? Don't Worry

Still Confused.? Don't Worry

Apps Manager is one of the best application management system for managing all apps on a single platform with publishing accounts, monetization accounts, and many more settings for ads and download & active users.

No, Apps Manager has used a single domain with a single license. You can not install one system to multiple domains. If you want to do so then you need to purchase a separate license for a different domain.

Apps Manager is specially made for all app publishers who need to grow their app with ads in-store and better app management for faster growth

No, Apps Manager is used single domain with single license. You can not install one system to multiple domain. If you want to do so then you need to purchase separate license for different domain.

No, you can not use the system without a license and it is strictly prohibited to install without a license register.

Don't worry... Apps Manager not to take any type of data hiddenly. All data you uploaded is safe & secure because the apps manager does not call any hidden API.

For Apps Manager, every app developer needs to use a personal server & domain because of data security and better reliability.

No, Because of maintaining the security of source code and data, you can not edit anything in the Apps Manager backend system, but you can edit or customize the android demo app in which you can implement new features whatever you need.

Apps Manager is installed separately on the server provided by the app developer. So server and domain charge is not included in license fees.

Apps Manager will work on every server but some server is very fast and faster server is very suitable for better performance. Here we suggest you use the cloudways for faster data response.

Changes which is minor are free and if you want to add or change any extra features then need to pay based on changes and time.

Yes... any product needs support for better performance. Apps Manager provides 15 days of installation support and 60 days of technical support.

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