publishX is a smart solution for all app publishers which helps to boost app revenue 4x without hard effort. publishX contains 48+ system features to control multiple apps and ads on a single dashboard who want to earn more from various mobile ads.

Checkout Some Of

Apps Manager's

Checkout Some Of

Apps Manager's

Awesome Highlight

Awesome Highlight

Awesome Highlight

Awesome Highlight

It's Very Important

Apps Manager ?

It's Very Important to Know

Apps Manager ?

100% Secured

12+ security features which makes system unbeatable.

Custom Ad Free lifetime
Custom Ad Free Lifetime

Promote your own app without any cost with custom ads.

Dynamic Ads Integrations
Dynamic Ads Integrations

With the help of Apps Manager adsSDK make ads fully dynamic.

Manage Unlimited Apps
Manage Unlimited Apps

Here you can manage unlimited apps with no limits.

Real time Ads on/off
Real Time Ads On/Off

Anytime you can start and stop ads without update the app.

Application theme control
Application Theme Control

Control numerous app themes with bunch of predefined features.


Create your own API and easy to use. No need API knowledge.

API security
API Security

Manage debug, release and unknown API calling directly from system.

Push Notification
Push Notification

Push several notifications using one signal with a single click.

Multiple User manage & permission
Multiple Users & Permission

Manage you team & assign necessary permissions for smoother work.

End to End Encryption
End to End Encryption

Secure app responce with 256 AES encryption security.

App & Ads Analytics
App & Ads Analytics

Hour wise ads reports and activity visited reports.

Download & Active users
Download & Active Users

Check download and active user of all apps easily.

Multiple Console(Manually)
Multiple Console(Manually)

Manage multiple console at single place with less efforts.

Monetization Account
Monetization Platform

Manage any monetization platform dynamically you want.

Control Ad Remotely
Control Ads Remotely

Control all ads remotely without app updating frequently.

Suspend Notification
Suspend Notification

Suspended apps & accounts directly show in system dashboard.

Performance Measure
Performance Measure

Monitor top performance accounts & apps with important filters.

Faster Implementation
Faster Implementation

Make Ads implementation very fast & proper using apps manager.

Traffic Diversion
Traffic Diversion

Redirect current app users to another in case of suspending.

Version Update Dialog
Version Update Dialog

Set version remotely which needs to update compulsory.

Manage revenue & Expense
Manage Revenue & Expense

There is no need to worry about managing your income and spending.

Manage Card, Device, internet
Card, Device & Internet

Manage physical and digital assets from a single platform.

Activity Log
Activity Log

Change anything in settings, system will track that records.

As Per Different Needs

For You...!!

As Per Different Needs

For You!

StartX is designed specifically for app monetization beginners and freshers, offering a simplified process to convert their apps into revenue-generating sources. Read More

You save ₹ 30,000
34% OFF

Silver Package

Initial Package of Solution,
PublishX Worth ₹ 15,000 (₹ 22,000)
StartX Worth ₹ 42,000 (₹ 65,000)
3 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
5 Apps Source Code (Without Ad Integration)
Basic Google Play Console
Learn Admob & Facebook
Basic ASO
2 Keyword Tools
UI & UX Suggestion (No Assets Designing)
10 Days Standard Support
You save ₹ 70,500
50% OFF

Gold Package

Everything of Silver Package Plus,
Apps Manager ₹ 18,000 (₹ 42,500)
StartX Package ₹ 51,000 (₹ 97,000)
6 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
10 Apps Source Code (With Ads Integration)
AdX Suggestion
Advanced Keyword Tools
Advanced ASO
How to Analysis Market
How to Manage eCPM & CTR
Techniques of Free Download
Increase User Engagement
5 Keyword Tools
Unique Assets Designing (10 Apps)
20 Days Advanced Support
You save ₹ 1,35,000
50% OFF

Platinum Package

Everything of Gold Package Plus,
PublishX Worth ₹ 47,000 (₹ 1,23,000)
StartX Worth ₹ 86,000 (₹ 1,45,000)
14 Days 1 to 1 Live Training
15 Apps Source Code (With Ads Integration)
Advanced Ads Strategy
Paid Marketing (Google Ads)
32 Hidden Boost Strategy
Ads Revenue Giver Apps
Advanced Play Policy
Advance Monetization Policy
30 Days Premium Support

PublishX is specially for experienced publishers with a strong understanding of app monetization. Read More


Startup Business

Platform (Android)
Manage upto 49 Apps
Monetize Platform (Two)
Web Application Only
Splash Ad (App Open)
1 Ad ID Manage
1 Ad Click Counter
Push Notification
Manage Splash Exit Cross Apps
Manage JKS, Source Code & Design
Sandard Security (Email & Password)
Free 1 Month Standard Bug Support

Growing Business

Startup Business Features
Manage upto 120 Apps
Platform (Android)
Monetize Platform (Three)
Splash Ad (App Open, Inter)
Dynamic Extra Parameter
2 Ad ID Manage
2 Ad Click Counter
Activity History
Load Ad ID Type (Random, Fix)
Web Application + Android (Informative)
Auto Publish, Update & Suspend Notification
Standard Security (Email & Password, IP Verification, Auto Block Unathorized Attempt)
Free 2 Month Advance Bug Support

Premium Business

Growing Business Features
Manage Unlimited Apps
Platform (Android, iOS or Flutter)
Monetize Platform (Unlimited)
Manage Custom Ad
Ads Analytics
Control Full Ad Remotely
Ad Format Wise Sequence
Pending Redirect Notifications
Multiuser Permission
Dynamic JSON Box
Web Application + Android + iOS (Informative)
App Wise Revenue & Expenses (Manual)
Advance Security (Standard Security + Google Authentication + Safeguard ID)
Free Minor Updates
Free 3 Month Premium Bug & Technical Support

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