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Apps Manager is one of the best application management system for managing all apps on a single platform with publishing accounts, monetization accounts, and many more settings for ads and download & active users.

No, Apps Manager has used a single domain with a single license. You can not install one system to multiple domains. If you want to do so then you need to purchase a separate license for a different domain.

Apps Manager is specially made for all app publishers who need to grow their app with ads in-store and better app management for faster growth

No, Apps Manager is used single domain with single license. You can not install one system to multiple domain. If you want to do so then you need to purchase separate license for different domain.

No, you can not use the system without a license and it is strictly prohibited to install without a license register.

Don't worry... Apps Manager not to take any type of data hiddenly. All data you uploaded is safe & secure because the apps manager does not call any hidden API.

For Apps Manager, every app developer needs to use a personal server & domain because of data security and better reliability.

No, Because of maintaining the security of source code and data, you can not edit anything in the Apps Manager backend system, but you can edit or customize the android demo app in which you can implement new features whatever you need.

Apps Manager is installed separately on the server provided by the app developer. So server and domain charge is not included in license fees.

Apps Manager will work on every server but some server is very fast and faster server is very suitable for better performance. Here we suggest you use the cloudways for faster data response.

Changes which is minor are free and if you want to add or change any extra features then need to pay based on changes and time.

Yes... any product needs support for better performance. Apps Manager provides 15 days of installation support and 60 days of technical support.