login page

  • 12+ security features to make system more secure.
  • A reCAPTCHA verification may also be required to find out real person.
  • For URL security, you may need to use SafeGuard or Google Authenticator.
  • These measures help ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

dashboard download & active user download & active user

  • The Apps Manager provides real-time download and active user report.
  • Alerts notification for published, updated, and suspended apps.
  • Various filter for effective report and analysis purpose.
  • Top performance apps & top performance accounts with 5 top apps.

accounts download & active user download & active user

  • Publish account (Playstore, App Store) and create a custom platform.
  • Save and manage account related info & assign account to user for manage.
  • Multiple monetization account and create a custom platform as you want.
  • Set default no. of placement & ad format for all application.

All App download & active user download & active user

  • Very easy process for onboarding app with apps manager system.
  • List of all apps to view, edit, and control monetization with analytics report.
  • Lock important app to hide from other user visibility.
  • Dynamic app wise JSON for fully customized features use.
  • Redirect user from one app to other & privacy policy link.

App Details download & active user

  • Show all details & predefined settings about the onboarded application.
  • Manage application and analytics performance directly from here.
  • Store & safe application JSK, source code, and apps design for future use.
  • Analytical chart of download & active users of particular app.

Monetize Account download & active user

  • Create Ads platform sequence as per requirment dynamically.
  • Set multiple Ads IDs remotely with random, fixed & eCPM options.
  • Manage various Ads click count and its settings remotely.
  • Block ads in particular app version while in publishing process.

Push Notification push_notification push_notification

  • Engage and take recurring benifits of current app users.
  • One signal third party push notification inbuilt integrated.
  • App wise and group wise notification settings management.
  • Duplicate of notification template and manage it anytime.

API KEY download & active user download & active user

  • API authentication verifies that an API request is made by a trusted source.
  • If not from trusted source in that case may block that android studio
  • You can list trusted android studio for app responce without authorization.
  • List of all IP of api request used in debug and release app security.

MoreApp Group download & active user

  • Get free of cost download from one to another anytime.
  • Dynamic splash & exit screen app settings with remote sequence.
  • Create multiple app group for cross app promotions.
  • Assign group to particular app and account directly from system.

Advertise Master create_custom_ad

  • Get maximum download free of cost when you don't have any ads.
  • Maintain CTR, use as alternate ads with live ads with 15+ unique features.
  • Easy to manage, track & organize ads with custom ads groups.
  • Custom ads using various ad formats such as banners, native, interstitial, and app open ads.

Revenue & Expense download & active user download & active user

  • Manage campaign account, application revenue and expense effectively.
  • Calculate dynamic GST & commission if any set by publisher.
  • Total income and expense with app wise effective reports.
  • Various filters for take necessary action of app paid marketing.

Pending Redirects download & active user

  • Get maximum benefits of every user of app using pending redirect alert.
  • Set a threshold in system and get the notification automatically.
  • Alert when app has been published but the Ad ID has not been set.
  • Alert when app is suspended but getting download and forgot app to redirect.

Settings download & active user

  • Test ad ID & test API key manage.
  • Database backup & Upload settings.
  • SMTP & IP whitelist settings.
  • 12+ unbeatable security settings.
  • Common field for all app.
  • Hide login page with safe guard settings.

Account Manage create_custom_ad

  • Save all the details for opening a console account.
  • Alert message if you used same details again for another account.
  • Important details stored in client server for future use.
  • Active,update & delete that details anytime as per requirement.

Settings download & active user

  • Important features to track activity log performed in system.
  • Activity log for both option. (1) Web Application (2) Mobile Application.
  • Various filters to track user operation date wise and task wise.
  • Options for delete selected history and all history at a time.

Users Multiuser_Management Multiuser_Management

  • Each user has their own login credentials and access permissions.
  • This is very useful for organizations with multiple team members.
  • Set user wise extra security layer for more reliability & authenticity.
  • Active and deactive team members anytime to maintain proper flow of work.

Create JSON API json_api

  • Create clone API from other API for faster app use.
  • Create your custom response without any need of developer.
  • Multiple option for creating the API like GET and POST.
  • Feel free to use API url directly from personal server, no worry to stop responce.

Users Multiuser_Management Multiuser_Management

  • Location-wise download and active user analytics.
  • Ad analytics to analyze ads platform hourwise.
  • Analytics is the key point of every step you take for app.
  • Instant notification in case of noticed anything important in analytics.

Awesome Highlight

Mobile App Features

Awesome Highlight

Mobile App Features