Apps Manager helps

We know you want to focus on what’s most important – running your ads perfectly. So our smart system will help to control your ads and get you better results.

It's Very Important

Apps Manager ?

It's Very Important

Apps Manager ?

100% Secured

12+ security features which makes system unbeatable.

Custom Ad Free lifetime
Custom Ad Free Lifetime

Promote your own app without any cost with custom ads.

Ads Integrations Google, Facebook and Others advertisement
Dynamic Ads Integrations

With the help of Apps Manager adsSDK make ads fully dynamic.

Manage Unlimited Application on one platform
Manage Unlimited Apps

Here you can manage unlimited apps with no limits with lifetime license.

Real time Ads on/off
Real Time Ads On/Off

Anytime you can start and stop ads without update the app.

Application theme control
Application Theme Control

Control numerous app themes with bunch of predefined features.


Create your own API and easy to use. No need API knowledge.

API security
API Security

Manage debug, release and unknown API calling directly from system.

App wise or Group wise Push notification
Push Notification

Push several notifications using one signal with a single click.

Multiple User manage & permission
Multiple Users & Permission

Manage you team & assign necessary permissions for smoother work.

Version Update Dialog
End to End Encryption

Secure app responce with 256 AES stronger encryption security.

Performance Measure
App & Ads Analytics

Hour wise ads reports and activity visited reports with useful filters.

Download & Active users
Download & Active Users

Check download and active user of all apps easily.

Console Management
Multiple Console(Manually)

Manage multiple console at single place with less efforts.

Monetization Account
Monetization Platform

Manage any monetization platform dynamically you want.

Control Ad Remotely
Control Ads Remotely

Control all ads remotely without app updating frequently.

Suspend Notification
Suspend Notification

Suspended apps & accounts directly show in system dashboard.

Performance Measure
Performance Measure

Monitor top performance accounts & apps with important filters

Faster Implementation
Faster Implementation

Make Ads implementation very fast & proper using apps manager.

Traffic Diversion
Traffic Diversion

Redirect current app users to another in case of suspending.

Version Update Dialog
Version Update Dialog

Set version remotely which needs to update compulsory.

Manage revenue & Expense
Manage Revenue & Expense

There is no need to worry about managing your income and spending.

Manage Card, Device, internet
Card, Device & Internet

Manage physical and digital assets from a single platform.

Version Update Dialog
Activity Log

Change anything in settings, system will track that records.

login page

  • 12+ security features to make system more secure.
  • A reCAPTCHA verification may also be required to find out real person.
  • For URL security, you may need to use SafeGuard or Google Authenticator.
  • These measures help ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

dashboard download & active user download & active user

  • The Apps Manager provides real-time download and active user report.
  • Alerts notification for published, updated, and suspended apps.
  • Various filter for effective report and analysis purpose.
  • Top performance apps & top performance accounts with 5 top apps.

accounts download & active user download & active user

  • Publish account (Playstore, App Store) and create a custom platform.
  • Save and manage account related info & assign account to user for manage.
  • Multiple monetization account and create a custom platform as you want.
  • Set default no. of placement & ad format for all application.

All App download & active user download & active user

  • Very easy process for onboarding app with apps manager system.
  • List of all apps to view, edit, and control monetization with analytics report.
  • Lock important app to hide from other user visibility.
  • Dynamic app wise JSON for fully customized features use.
  • Redirect user from one app to other & privacy policy link.

App Details download & active user

  • Show all details & predefined settings about the onboarded application.
  • Manage application and analytics performance directly from here.
  • Store & safe application JSK, source code, and apps design for future use.
  • Analytical chart of download & active users of particular app.

Monetize Account download & active user

  • Create Ads platform sequence as per requirment dynamically.
  • Set multiple Ads IDs remotely with random, fixed & eCPM options.
  • Manage various Ads click count and its settings remotely.
  • Block ads in particular app version while in publishing process.

Push Notification push_notification push_notification

  • Engage and take recurring benifits of current app users.
  • One signal third party push notification inbuilt integrated.
  • App wise and group wise notification settings management.
  • Duplicate of notification template and manage it anytime.

API KEY download & active user download & active user

  • API authentication verifies that an API request is made by a trusted source.
  • If not from trusted source in that case may block that android studio
  • You can list trusted android studio for app responce without authorization.
  • List of all IP of api request used in debug and release app security.

MoreApp Group download & active user

  • Get free of cost download from one to another anytime.
  • Dynamic splash & exit screen app settings with remote sequence.
  • Create multiple app group for cross app promotions.
  • Assign group to particular app and account directly from system.

Advertise Master create_custom_ad

  • Get maximum download free of cost when you don't have any ads.
  • Maintain CTR, use as alternate ads with live ads with 15+ unique features.
  • Easy to manage, track & organize ads with custom ads groups.
  • Custom ads using various ad formats such as banners, native, interstitial, and app open ads.

Revenue & Expense download & active user download & active user

  • Manage campaign account, application revenue and expense effectively.
  • Calculate dynamic GST & commission if any set by publisher.
  • Total income and expense with app wise effective reports.
  • Various filters for take necessary action of app paid marketing.

Pending Redirects download & active user

  • Get maximum benefits of every user of app using pending redirect alert.
  • Set a threshold in system and get the notification automatically.
  • Alert when app has been published but the Ad ID has not been set.
  • Alert when app is suspended but getting download and forgot app to redirect.

Settings download & active user

  • Test ad ID & test API key manage.
  • Database backup & Upload settings.
  • SMTP & IP whitelist settings.
  • 12+ unbeatable security settings.
  • Common field for all app.
  • Hide login page with safe guard settings.

Account Manage create_custom_ad

  • Save all the details for opening a console account.
  • Alert message if you used same details again for another account.
  • Important details stored in client server for future use.
  • Active,update & delete that details anytime as per requirement.

Settings download & active user

  • Important features to track activity log performed in system.
  • Activity log for both option. (1) Web Application (2) Mobile Application.
  • Various filters to track user operation date wise and task wise.
  • Options for delete selected history and all history at a time.

Users Multiuser_Management Multiuser_Management

  • Each user has their own login credentials and access permissions.
  • This is very useful for organizations with multiple team members.
  • Set user wise extra security layer for more reliability & authenticity.
  • Active and deactive team members anytime to maintain proper flow of work.

Create JSON API json_api

  • Create clone API from other API for faster app use.
  • Create your custom response without any need of developer.
  • Multiple option for creating the API like GET and POST.
  • Feel free to use API url directly from personal server, no worry to stop responce.

Users Multiuser_Management Multiuser_Management

  • Location-wise download and active user analytics.
  • Ad analytics to analyze ads platform hourwise.
  • Analytics is the key point of every step you take for app.
  • Instant notification in case of noticed anything important in analytics.

Awesome Highlight

Awesome Highlight