Performance Measure

application performance monitoring service

The app developer has many application and many accounts so it's a tedious task to check which app have maximum download and maximum active users.

Also when a developer needs to check the top performance application within the selected date in that case console account is only one option and developers can check only one account's app instead of all apps with multiple accounts.

For faster growth app analysis is very important. To decrease the headache of an app developer, the apps manager provides the solution directly in the developer dashboard for checking top performance apps & accounts.

Here, an app developer can easily check the top application and top accounts with its download and active users.

Furthermore, the developer can check top performance account and top performance accounts with download and active users with a various filter like date range wise, account wise, and category wise.

In the developer dashboard, an app developer can also check the top performance account with its top five applications with its download. By default, the system gives you analysis data for the last 30 days.