Control Ad Remotely

managing all ads remotely

App developer needs to update the app every time after changing or removing ad therefor all app developer is very tired of continuously repeating this work. Whenever any account stopped serving ads, in that case, change ads or change ads id is a very lengthy task.

For managing all ads remotely,Ad Management is only one solution for all app developers. Here developer can easily enable disable ads remotely without updating the app.

The main feature of Ad Management is how to show an ad whether in a fixed sequence or alternate show.

Whenever a developer needs to display a specific platform ad every time, in that case, the fixed sequence is used. In this situation every time display the selected platform ads and if it is failed to display, in that case, the system will check the next platform ads and display them.

Whenever the developer needs to change ads every time after display, in that case, the alternate option is very useful. In this situation, every time ad will be changed automatically.

For decreasing ad request load at a single ad platform, the developer can use multiple ad platforms for maximum ad revenue.

Moreover, the ads management system also provides ad click count which helps a developer to display ads after a specific click, and very easy to increase and decrease ads remotely for app developers.

Here, all Ad ID comes from the server which is very useful in case of suspending an account or change the ads id remotely.