Why Google Developer Console Suspended
  • 14, Dec 2021
  • Apps Manager Team

Reasons Why Google Console Suspended

It is a unknown reason that what are the reasons Why Google Developer Console Suspended & terminated? Let's discuss it in detail and save it from the developer console account terminated.

There are many platforms for android apps but Google Play Store is one of the major platforms of android apps and games. Various developers build android apps and publish them on different stores.

But Google Play is one of the biggest platform, where developers publish their apps to engage more users and generate maximum revenue nowadays.

Reasons Why Google Developer Console Suspended

Recently, many console accounts were suspended because google applies various policies to make it possible for users to get quality apps. There are several policies that you need to know before publishing your app on the google play store. Because, if their bots catch your app is violating any of their policies, they will terminate your account, and whenever you try to open a new account that will be also suspended.

Here, we will discuss all possible reasons why the google developer console is suspended.

There are many factors that are directly affected in the suspension of an account but two major reasons that’s why a google developer console account may suspend.

    Multiple Accounts (Account Association)
    Several Policy’s Violations (Several Apps Suspension)

One policy which is very critical for all app developer is that multiple accounts but Google doesn’t allow any person to create more than one developer console account. A person can only create one developer account lifetime including a giant company. If you try to create more than one developer account then google’ bots will catch every activity made by you and instantly terminate your all accounts.

Here central question is that how google terminate your account due to violation of the account association policy? Their bots are always active to track the accounts bought with the same credit cards, login into the same device, used with the same internet connection. So, strictly avoid buying another account from the same credit card.

Never open multiple accounts on the same devices anyhow also make it sure to set separate and specific internet connection for each developer console. We’ll discuss in detail all possible reasons why the google developer console is suspended.

For managing properly all console account Apps Manager provides a better solution for all app and game developers. Here, all developer can remember their internet, card details, and PC details so in the future whenever you need to open a new account then the developer can easily check all that details.

If your account is already suspended and you want to create a new account then Google doesn’t allow it too, but people are doing it with the following tricks.

Buy another developer account with:

   New credit card.
   New computer.
   Change the internet connection if not DSL.
   New Admob account, key store & ad ids.
   Change android studio also if possible
   Not upload apps that are frequently suspended.