How to NOT get Suspended on Google Play Console

Appsmanager tell How to NOT get Suspended on Google Play Console

How to NOT get Suspended on Google Play Console

Why Google suspend accounts

Google Ads policies and Terms & Conditions help create a safe and positive experience for users and advertisers. Accounts may be suspended if we find violations of our policies or the Terms & Conditions. 

There are also other reasons an account can be temporarily suspended. See below for more details.

1. Google Ads Policy

You can learn more about suspension due to violations of Google Ads policy here.

2. Age requirements

If we find that you are violating the Age requirements on Google accounts, we will suspend your account.

The age we use is the one you entered when creating the Google Account that's associated with your Google Ads account. When creating a Google Account, you should provide your own age — not the age of your business.

Learn more about Age requirements on Google accounts.

3. Ads Grant Policy

Your Google Ad Grants account can be suspended for not complying with Google Ad Grants policy.

Learn more about Ads Grant policy. 

4. Unauthorized account activity

If we detect that an unauthorized user is trying to access your Google Ads account, we’ll temporarily suspend your account to protect against unauthorized charges.

Learn more about keeping your account secure.

5. Billing and payment issues

Regarding payments and billing, your account may be suspended for one of the following reasons:

  • Promotional code abuse: If you attempt to sell promotional codes or use more than one promotional code on an account, the account may be suspended. For more information, see the country-specific terms and conditions for promotional codes
  • Requesting a chargeback: If you instruct your bank or credit card company to reverse a charge that was paid against a legitimate Google Ads balance (also known as requesting a chargeback), your account may be suspended. 
  • Suspicious payment activity: If we detect suspicious or fraudulent payment activity on your account, we may restrict how much the account can spend or suspend the account.
  • Unpaid balance: If your account has one or more unpaid balances, it may be temporarily suspended.

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