Application Security Testing Tools.
  • 11, May 2022
  • Apps Manager Team

5 Best & Reliable Application Security Testing Tools

Bugs and flaws are quite prevalent in applications, and as a result of these growing issues, application security tools come to the rescue. Businesses should invest in an application security tester to identify web-facing resources that meet the required criteria.

However, with so many application security solutions on the market, it can be difficult for IT leaders, programmers, and technicians to know which ones solve specific vulnerabilities.

Choosing the right tool for your specific job is crucial to getting suitable end solutions.

We'll go through 5 of the greatest application testing tools in this article and the characteristics you should look for when selecting your choice. Keep reading to know more! 

What are Application Security tools? 

Application security testing (AST) is the practice of discovering weak security spots in source code to make applications more resilient to security concerns.

Application security testing should be conducted from various perspectives. These technologies can detect both known and unexpected threats.

There are two types of application security tools: automation tools and manual tools. You can select the best one based on your individual requirements.

5 Best application security testing tools

Rapid 7

Rapid7 offers application security, vulnerability assessments, cloud computing, detection and prevention, coordination, and automated services. It is capable of scanning both internal and external modern web apps.

InsectAppSec will automatically scan and evaluate web applications, detecting flaws such as SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF. Rapid7 includes approximately 90 attack components in its library that can detect various flaws.

Rapid7 offers a variety of application security solutions for a variety of use cases, including penetration testing, on-premise risk monitoring, and on-premises security testing, among others.

It is a framework with a modern user interface and clear workflows that is also simple to maintain and operate.


Wapiti is an excellent tool for application testing. It is completely free. Wapiti uses black-box testing to examine online apps for security issues.

Because Wapiti is a command-line tool, you must be familiar with the commands it employs. Wapiti's documentation has extensive instructions that assist beginner testers in doing testing efficiently.

The open-source security testing tool supports both get and post HTTP attack techniques.

It supports a variety of authentication techniques, such as Kerberos and NTLM.


Netsparker provides a user-friendly online application security analyzer for small to large organizations. By assigning specific severity levels to weaknesses, it will assist you in organizing activities for resolving concerns.

Netsparker employs a proof-based screening technique that allows it to exploit discovered flaws and build a proof-of-concept securely. It means vulnerabilities will be verified, and there will be no false alarms.

With the support of third-party programs like Azure DevOps and vulnerability management tools like Metasploit, you'll be able to handle vulnerabilities.

It enables total visibility of your web assets via reports such as HIPAA, PCI, and OWASP.


SQLMap is an open-source program that searches for SQL injection vulnerabilities. It streamlines the overall thing of identifying and mitigating SQL injection in any app's database.

It covers a broad number of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SQLite, MySQL, and Oracle.

It also allows for the downloading and uploading of any file from the database server.

SQLMap may connect to the database directly, eliminating SQL injections. It also features a powerful search engine that can search certain database names and their columns across several database tables.

Burp Suite 

Burp Suite is another popular Java-based application testing tool. It comes in three different versions: Community Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

The subscription version includes advanced features such as the spider, repeater, and decoder, while the free version just offers basic application security services.

Burp Suite scans for over 100 weaknesses and shows the results in an organized and engaging way.

Burp Suite results are shown in a tree format, and by drilling down into a specific branch, one can get further information about the vulnerability. It also analyzes Javascript using both static and dynamic methods.

To conclude - 

Application security testing is an important part of protecting your business from costly data breaches, but it takes time and expertise to do properly.

The application security service saves time and energy on revisions by detecting errors earlier in the development. Nevertheless, adopting Application testing services necessitates an initial time and resource investment.

We hope that the resources we discussed earlier will assist you in implementing application testing. They can provide efficient outcomes if you start employing Application security tools.

You can contact us with any more questions or concerns, and we'll be happy to assist you!