This is Tesla's new Model 3 'Ludicrous'

Tesla is preparing to launch a new, performance version of its Tesla Model 3. We have photos and videos.

This is Tesla's new Model 3 'Ludicrous'
Tesla Model 3 'Ludicrous'

Tesla's Model 3 "Ludicrous" is almost ready for launch.

The yet-to-be-unveiled performance model has been spotted and photographed, both covered and uncovered, by several people who posted the images and videos on X.

Twitter user named @BooDev posted several high-resolution images of the new car in front of a Tesla store. In the photos, you can clearly see a red Tesla M3 with the updated front fascia styling, a "Ludicrous" badge on the back, new wheels with red brake calipers, and a carbon fibre spoiler, among other details.

Tesla Model 3 'Ludicrous'
We don't know its official name yet, but the 'Ludicrous' badge is right there on the back. Credit: @BooDev

BooDev also posted a short video of the new Tesla in motion. He claims that the photos and videos were taken at a Tesla showroom in Malibu, where the company held a private event to showcase the new cars. There's little info on the specs, aside from the acceleration, which is apparently 2.9 seconds from 0-60mph (Tesla Model 3 Long Range goes from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, and the old Tesla Model 3 Performance achieves the same feat in 3.1 seconds).

The news broke on April 1, which makes any announcement or leak suspicious, but this one looks as real as it gets. Additionally, it's supported by images of a covered Tesla M3, posted on X by Chris Zheng, also on April 1, as well as these photos and videos, posted by @DennisCW. We also have a number of previous leaks and reports pointing to a new variant of M3 being in the works, which align with the new images.

If Tesla is indeed hosting private events to show off the updated Model 3, the official launch can't be very far.

Besides the updated exterior features, and a shorter 0-60mph time, the new Model 3 is rumored to come with Active Suspension, automatic shifting between D and R (forward and reverse) modes, sportier seats, and a carbon fibre dash inlay, among other details.

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