The internet's best reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2023

Spotify Wrapped has arrived and so have the internet's reactions.

The internet's best reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2023
A mock up of Spotify Wrapped on 5 phone screens, overlayed with two tweets embedded in this article. Background is lavender.

It's a beautiful time of year. The air has a distinct bite to it, and your Spotify Wrapped has arrived to embarrass the hell out of you. So you listened to "All By Myself" (the Celine Dion version) 231 times this year? We hope you are getting help.

When it's done reading them like a book, Spotify Wrapped also gives some music lovers something to brag about: making it into the top percentile of listeners for their favorite artist. We've gathered some of the best reactions to this annual event below. A very merry Wrapped day to all who celebrate.

The final bosses

Wow, who could have seen this coming?

And what about it?

Feel the Kenergy

Music is cheaper than therapy


See you next year!

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