Let this $45.99 bundle be your introduction to cybersecurity

Master cybersecurity tools and methods with this $45.99 set of nine courses.

Let this $45.99 bundle be your introduction to cybersecurity
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TL;DR: As of February 6, get the 2023 Masters in Cyber Security Certification Bundle for only $45.99 — reg. $135

There's a ton of material to help you learn IT concepts online, but knowing the material and knowing how to actually land a job may be pretty different things. If you're just starting out, you can study cybersecurity in practice with the 2023 Masters in Cyber Security Certification Bundle. 

This e-learning course pack has lessons on concepts like ethical hacking and penetration testing, but it also covers practical concerns like training for IT interviews and what skills like pen testing could look like in practice. Normally, this bundle would cost $135, but you can get it for $45.99. 

Prepare for real IT jobs

Study at your own pace. This course pack includes 66 hours of material, but once it's yours, it's yours for life. If you're preparing to start applying for jobs. You could hop straight into the IT Interview Training course and learn what goes into a technical interview. 

If you're excited to learn about ethical hacking The Certified Ethical Hacking Mega Course has 237 different lessons on everything from security policies, IT myths, data security, and more. Other ethical hacking courses focus on a more specific area of the field, with courses on Metasploit and network scanning. 

Keep in mind that the only certification from these courses is a certificate of completion. It's up to you to apply what you learn to your future career. (And, obviously, while this course bundle packs a ton of information, that certificate isn't comparable to a Master's degree.)

Study IT at home on your own time

Start your IT education on your own time with a cybersecurity bundle that's with you for life. 

Get the 2023 Masters in Cybersecurity Certification Bundle on sale for $45.99. 

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