How to use 'Share My Date' on Tinder

Tinder's new 'Share My Date' feature could be a key safety tool for dating.

How to use 'Share My Date' on Tinder
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Tinder has introduced a slew of safety features in recent years, working to improve the wellbeing and comfort of daters. From verification checkmarks to guardrails for preventing scams and inappropriate messages, these tools aim to protect Tinder users in all sorts of ways.

The latest: a tool to share key information with friends and family before meeting up with a date. The feature, in the form of a shareable link, holds metrics about the date, including the person's photo and link to their profile, along with details of the date itself, like the time and location.

"Discussing plans with friends and family is a time-honored dating ritual," Tinder CMO Melissa Hobley explains. "Share My Date streamlines this basic info-sharing so singles can jump right to the exciting part, from figuring out what to wear to prepping conversation topics."

If you want to try the tool out for your next date, here's how to do it.

How to use "Share My Date"

Four phone screens displaying the Tinder app and its various features.
Credit: Tinder.
Total Time
  • 3-5 minutes
What You Need
  • Tinder app
  • Smartphone

Step 1: Head to your DMs with the person you're about to meet.

Step 2: Click on the three dots on the top-right corner.

Step 3: Select "Share My Date".

Step 4: Add all the necessary details here.

Tinder will direct you to add the name of the person and the details of the date, including the day, time, and location. There's also a note section at the bottom where you can add any other information you want to share.

Step 5: Select "done" and send the created link to your friends and/or family.

You can also edit the link and all its details in the app, and the link will be updated in real time.

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