Block all ads on 20 devices for 5 years, only $25 through May 22

AdGuard DNS helps you block ads, avoid harmful sites, and protect your young browsers from seeing something they shouldn't for less than $25 for a limited time.

Block all ads on 20 devices for 5 years, only $25 through May 22
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TL;DR: Through May 22, block ads and help keep your kids safe when you get a five-year subscription to AdGuard DNS, only $24.97. 

Ads are practically unavoidable online, whether you're scrolling through social media or just waiting for your YouTube video to start. On your own, you may not be able to do much more than scroll past all those ads and try to avoid clicking anything dangerous. But there's a tool designed to help you fight back. 

AdGuard DNS is an ad-blocking service that could help you browse safely across 20 connected devices. Use AdGuard to filter ads, shield your kids from adult content, and keep you from stumbling onto harmful websites. And you can get the best price online when you get a 5-year subscription to AdGuard for $24.97, but that price won't last much longer. 

Helps eliminate ads and trackers

Fighting back against frustrating ads and phishing schemes can feel like a never-ending battle. AdGuard is built to help you protect up to 20 devices for five years. From one dashboard, it lets you monitor device domains and block the sites that aren't safe to visit. That's also what makes AdGuard a good option for families who want to watch out for their young browsers.

Give your cybersecurity a boost 

The parental control features are designed to protect kids from adult content on websites, YouTube, and even to filter search results. Customize which domains are allowed so your kids can still do homework without worrying about running into something inappropriate. 

Don't miss your chance to get the drop on annoying ads by hiding your browsing information. 

May 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT is the deadline to get a five-year subscription to AdGuard DNS for $24.97 (reg. $719). 

StackSocial prices subject to change. 

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AdGuard DNS: 5-Yr Subscription
$24.97 at the Mashable Shop
$719.64 Save $694.67

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