Monetization Account

multiple monetization accounts management

The headache of all app developer is to manage monetization account at one place. App developers use many monetization platforms like Admob, Facebook, StartApp, Appnext, etc.

Also, one platform has many accounts, for example, app developers use 20 Admob, 15 Facebook, 10 SartApp, etc. So till now, all developers manage this account in an excel sheet and possibility to make many mistakes.

But Apps Manager System provides an effective solution for this. App developers manage all these types of accounts in one place with better management.

The developer can choose or select a support ad format based upon their own requirement. Also, a developer can increase or decrease no. of placement as per need.

With the help of monetization account management, a developer can easily remember devise & internet which is used to create an account with payment bank details and application list.