Faster Implementation

Ads Implementation very fast

Ad implementation is a very time-consuming process for all app developers because it is an endless process during application life.

After ad implementation developer's work is not stopped over there, but while we want to change the ad, remove the ad, or increase & decrease the ad, every time developer needs to code again & again.

There are many possibilities to make a mistake by the developer while implementing proper ads and which is directly affected our revenue.

For resolving this problem, Apps Manager provides a better solution for all app developers.

Here, Apps Manager provides ad module which includes ads source code and developer can import it easily in all android project without writing a bunch of code.

Write just some specific predefined lines of code provided by the Apps Manager and make your ad implementation process very fast.

After implementing Apps Manager ad source code, no need to change anything else. Just import the module and start to shows ads with very little coding.