'The Crown' finale trailer teases Claire Foy and Matt Smith

Netflix's trailer for the final episodes of "The Crown", as Season 6, Part 2 prepares to stream.

'The Crown' finale trailer teases Claire Foy and Matt Smith
A couple in the 1950s drive along a seaside, looking very much in love.

In case you missed it, the final season of The Crown is a two-parter. Netflix has just dropped the trailer for the second half, meaning a look at the final episodes of Peter Morgan's regal series. And some familiar faces from the original cast are back.

The first part of Season 6 primarily focused on the last days of Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki). However, it seems the conclusion of The Crown looks to the future — especially that of the future king. But it also returns to the past, reflecting on the nine decades of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Processing his mother's death and the persistent press attention, Prince William (Ed McVey) goes back to school at Eton, then St Andrew’s University, where he's bound to meet his future wife, Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy).

Meanwhile, the series will reconnect with its core character, Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton), whose experience with loss won't end with Diana. The health of Princess Margaret (Lesley Manville) comes into focus after a stroke, and the Queen Mother (Marcia Warren) nears the end of her life.

With her Golden Jubilee on the horizon, the Queen will reflect on her monarchy and what the future holds. This means glimpses into the past with appearances from Claire Foy and Matt Smith as The Crown's original Queen and Prince Phillip.

Plus, it looks like we're going to see a lot more of Prime Minister Tony Blair (Bertie Carvel)

How to watch: The Crown Season 6 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Part 2 will be streaming Dec. 14.

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